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Annual Report 2019

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Annual Report 2018

Staying Ahead of the Wave

The year 2018 was a challenging year for the Indonesia’s economy. A volatile exchange rate, and interest rate hikes became a challenge for the financial sector, including the capital markets. Despite this strenuous environment, like a skillful surfer staying ahead of the crashing waves and gliding above the turbulent waters, Trimegah successfully navigated its course through these hurdles by staying prudent in its business and operations.

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Annual Report 2017

Unstopable US

Carrying forward the momentum from the previous year, in 2017 Trimegah recorded another encouraging year supported by strong economic and market conditions. Through our experience and operational excellence, we managed to optimize every opportunity achieving incredible results. Agility, strength, and tactical strategy of a football team to tackle obstacles and score beyond the goals have become our inspiration to push our performance higher. With our helmets strapped on, we are prepared to charge forward as an unstoppable team.

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Annual Report 2016

Boundless Momentum

The year 2016 was an exhilarating year for Trimegah. The market and industry recovery brings a fresh air for the Company. After geared up inside, we were welcoming this year with confidence, where we were managed to seize the opportunities that came in 2016 which results in satisfying performance. Now, illustrated by Regatta, this is our way to show that all these satisfaction performance was results from individual commitment to a group effort. With our burning spirit and unstoppable manner towards success, we were able to achieve a boundless momentum.

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Annual Report 2015

Geared to Innovate

The year 2015 was not a vigorous year for Trimegah due to unfavorable market condition. Nevertheless, there was something brewing in the Company that makes us looking forward to the year 2016. With strong commitment in vision, mission and core values of the Company, we never stand still, but carefully plan to make a precised move in the year 2016. Similarly, in a watchmaking process, series of gears, springs, combined with skillful hands create a remarkable and accurate clock through passage of time. Using the symbolism of clock making and its inner parts, this becomes our way to show that Trimegah is working towards something big, with each individual in the organization showing special roles and working together to deliver the out of the ordinary outcome.

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Annual Report 2014

Enhancing the Speed

Our theme “Enhancing the Speed” draws our whole-hearted effort in accelerating higher performance for Trimegah over the year. After series of innovative breakthrough and improvement since the last two years, we have marked the year 2014 with significant achievements strengthening our position in the industry. Backed with robust business portfolio, prudent management, professional and experienced team, we are ready to pursue coming opportunities and bring Trimegah as a leading securities and asset management company.

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Annual Report 2013

Breakthrough the limit to win

The theme is “Breakthrough the limit to win”. It depicts a reality that nothing is impossible in life. No matter how hard we fall, we still have the ability to stand up and work to the top. The theme is a continuity of what Trimegah had faced in the past. After the Company got back to the race, it found out that success is something real. In 2013, Trimegah even launched new products and revenue rose. Trimegah has proved that anything is possible. In short, “Breakthrough to the limit to win” is a remark of the journey in 2013. The theme is explored in series of visual of “Off Road Triathlon”, a multiple-stage sport competition. Off-road Triathlon includes swimming, biking, and running. These activities require determination, strategy, and strength.

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