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    1. Provides equity sales service in the primary market and serves equity brokerage in the secondary market.
    2. Retail / Individual Trading Our Sales
    3. Traders who have vast experience will give you up-to-date investment insights to meet your investment objectives.
    4. Segregated Accounts Trimegah opens securities accounts under each client′s name to ensure clients’ asset security.
    5. We also provide regular report, daily and monthly.
    6. Margin Trading Account We offer leverage financing to your investment at competitive interest rates to suit your investment objective.

TRIM Reguler

Equity transaction service to clients with support of professional Sales Traders.

Procedures of account opening:

  1. Complete Application Form completely and accurately;
  2. Sign the Application Form according to identity;
  3. Provide the following documents:
    • Copy of ID/passport of account holder;
    • Power of Attorney (if delegated to a third party);
    • Copy of ID/passport of the authorized person;
  4. Client receives Client Account Number which will be used to execute transaction after the Application Form is authorized by Client Administration and the authorized officials;
  5. After receiving the Client Account Number, client deposits cash or transfers funds to banks appointed by Trimegah as collateral. The minimum amount of the deposit is subject to each Branch Office requirement;
  6. Client must send the receipt of the deposit directly or through fax to the Finance Department as proof, unless the client transfers the fund to client’s virtual account;
  7. Buy transaction: payment is good fund from client to Trimegah in T + 3 (third day);
  8. Sell transaction: payment is good fund from Trimegah to client in T + 3 (third day) on the condition that there is no outstanding payment from client to Trimegah;
  9. Competitive fee        


TRIM Margin

Equity transactions financing facility provided by Trimegah Securities

Benefits of TRIM Margin:

  1. Higher buying power for clients;
  2. Can be withdrew anytime, as long as the client has positive balance;
  3. Allows portfolio monitoring at anytime;
  4. Allows application for a significant margin limit;
  5. Competitive interest rate;
  6. Easy and fast application process.

Requirements to open a margin account:

  • Special requirements
    According to Bapepam regulation No. V.D.6 dated April 30, 1997, a margin applicant must be:
    1. Possessing total net wealth of more than Rp1,000,000,000 (one billion rupiah);
    2. Having a annual income of more than Rp200,000,000 (two hundred million rupiah);
    3. Having a regular account for transactions that cannot be financed by Securities Company.
  • General requirements (institutional/legal entity clients):
    1. Clients can open a margin account only if they already have a regular account. New clients must open both regular and margin accounts.
    2. Provide:
      1. Article of Association including all of its recent changes;
      2. Article that states the company management members;
      3. Statement of domicile, SIUP, NPWP, and TDP;
      4. Statement of consent from commissioner;
      5. Power of attorney;
      6. Copy of ID of the Board of Commissioners and Directors members;
      7. Copy of ID cards of the authorized person;
      8. Copy of ID cards of the authorized person;
      9. Other required documents.

Clients can open margin account after meeting all of the above requirements, signing all margin-related agreements including analysis by Branch Head/Head of Margin Division.

Cash Withdrawal Via ATM

Now you can enjoy the convenience of making instructions and withdrawing RDN funds anytime and anywhere. Use the RDN fund withdrawal instruction facility*), check RDN balances and securities directly through Permata Bank ATM.

Terms of Use:

  1. Have a Bank Permata account and have an ATM card Permata Bank;
  2. Has SID;
  3. Registered with KSEI AKSes through Permata Bank ATM;
  4. Easy Steps to Using Facilities.

    Fund Withdrawal Instructions:

    1. Visit the nearest Permata Bank ATM;
    2. Insert the ATM card and ATM pin;
    3. Select Menu Information >> KSEI ACCESS >> Fund Debit Instructions;
    4. Choose the type of currency >> Nominal withdrawal of funds;
    5. Wait a few moments, the ATM slip will come out of the ATM machine and after that the message will appear on the ATM screen.

    The fund transfer process will be carried out by PT Trimegah Sekuritas Indonesia Tbk through a batching process. Instructions that enter before 12:00 WIB, will be processed on the same day.

    *)The maximum amount that can be withdrawn through this ATM instruction will be the same as the adequacy of the funds listed on iTrimegah's online trading system. If the nominal withdrawal of funds exceeds the adequacy of funds, the instruction will be rejected.

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